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You have a gorgeous body

Weird. Thanks.

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Idek. Super shitty week/month/year and too busy to actually blog so more mediocre bathroom selfies that I don’t entirely hate. 



Angela Harness

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Feeling really shitty and anxious so here’s a grainy picture of my cleavage.


Death Witch by apes of doom (Marcel Hass)

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sifting through a pile of black clothing to find the specific article of black clothing isn’t as frustrating as people say it is. if you haven’t adapted and learned your wardrobe by texture what are you even doing (however looking for the specific pair of black tights after pulling out five pairs of the wrong black tights is an entirely different story).

the real struggle is losing a ball from your septum ring. finding it is only the first battle. and i don’t know if you’ve ever tried to maintain your grip on a tiny ball while screwing it into a tiny ring on your face, but it’s The Most Frustrating Experience. 

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Death Grips

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